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    I found that getting creative with the weights you have can produce better results... for example, my current setup uses a large weight on the top arm, and a combo of small-large-small on the bottom arm. Then it's a matter of playing with the position of the two arms to hone the yaw into submission!

    You might also consider a less weighty ND solution. I'm going for a couple of ultra-thin (and therefore light weight) NDs, one strong enough to control the shutter speed in really bright circumstances, and one less so for other shooting. I'll just swap them out as needed. The variable NDs, (unless you invest in a Singh-Ray), are really not optimal at high attenuations and you can often see a very intrusive "X" pattern in your images. (They are naturally heavier as they combine both a linear and a circular polarizer.)

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    Demetri, I don't offer this as a permanent solution, but there's always:*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8


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