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    I dislike having to turn to a public forum but it seems I am out of options on how to resolve this amicably. I have also posted this under the original thread here:

    To those who are considering purchasing anything from Ryan McMaster, I feel should know about my experience in dealing with him and a BMPCC.

    Here are the facts: I made an agreement to buy his BMPCC advertised in this thread. All was fine, I sent money via paypal and he shipped the camera. When the camera arrived, it had a cracked screen. There was no obvious damage to the packaging plus the camera was wrapped in bubble wrap however there was still room for the camera to move around inside the box. I thought no biggie since it is a backup and being used in a gimbal, I don't really need to use the on camera LCD. But what I discovered later was that there is an issue with the record button. The camera doesn't record and thus is useless to me. I write Ryan and ask about the cracked screen and if he's had any issues with it. His response was he used it the day before he shipped it and it was fine. He also said "I wish you would have mentioned this before as I insured the package for $500." I then tell him I had no reason to think it was damaged in shipment due to the fact that there was no obvious damage to the outside packaging. But, I would look into a claim with USPS. I discovered that you can open a claim up to 60 days after a package has been delivered with USPS. I informed him of what I found and asked if he wanted me to file a claim. His response was he would check into it and get back to me later that day. Since I never heard from him I filed a claim with USPS. While filling out the paperwork I find that the package was insured but not for $500 like he claimed, only $50 but I still file the claim for $500 in the hopes that it was indeed insured for $500 as he claims. I email back and state this also asking for proof that he purchased additional insurance so I can submit that with the claim. No answer nor do I hear anything back from him for 14 days. He did inform me that he was in a remote spot and internet access was limited. Understand that happens on remote shoots and was patient but moved ahead with filing a claim with USPS.

    Finally I hear back from USPS. They approved the claim for $50, the amount the package was insured for and I received a check a few days later. I then email Ryan back updating him on the situation and asks if he has proof that additional insurance was purchased please forward so I can file an appeal. BUT it had to be done within 10 days from the check date.

    On the 10th day I email him back, explaining the situation, acknowledge the fact that he has been limited with internet access but how would he like to move forward and handle the situation. His response:

    Just got home.
    USPS needs pictures, I never got pics from you in any of the emails. They will not process the claim without proof of damage. They also need proof that it was damaged upon unboxing/the packaging was damaged. I forwarded your emails to the claims department and that is what they sent me back as to what is needed.
    First, he never requested any information from me as I never heard back from him like he said. Next, I sent updates along the entire process and asked at several different points advising about the claim filing and that if he has proof to refute the USPS claim that the package was only insured for $50 to please send them. Nothing. And this turns out to be the last I hear from Ryan McMaster.
    My response:
    Have you read ANY of my previous emails? If you had, you would see that I filed the claim myself because I didn't hear back from you that night like you said you would in your email.
    Yes, I am aware that pics are needed. I have already opened a claim and sent them the pics that are required for the claim to be processed. Also, as I noted in this email thread, I have received word back from USPS about the claim and contrary to your claim, the package WAS NOT insured for $500. They only have it listed as being insured for the standard $50. Again, as mentioned in this email thread, they have settled the claim and already issued me a check for $50, the amount the package was insured for. Like I said above if you would have read it you would see that I asked if YOU have PROOF that you DID insure the package for $500. If so, then please forward it to me and I can dispute the claim and ask for an appeal but that had to happen within 10 days.
    As of right now, the onus is on you to either provide proof that you did insure the package for the $500 as you claim or we need to discuss where I should send the broken camera and other parts in order to get a refund. It really is that simple. And it's all in this email thread if you would take the time to read everything.
    Please let me know how you would like to move forward.
    Which brings me to my final point. I have tried to be patient and acted in good faith in attempting to resolve this in a professional manner. However, Ryan McMaster will not accept responsibility for his actions. If you are considering doing any business with him, I hope you will take my experience into account. Further, if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this issue, I would love to hear from you, hopefully publicly but any way is fine. And, I have an email trial with date and time stamp to prove what I am claiming here to be true, with all my responses and his lack thereof.
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    That email chain is pretty damning man, and if need be ill get it up tonight. I have not had regular email or phone access since July 22. Also, you never tried to call me as I have no voice mails from you since my phone has been off from June 23 to Sep 17. I will concede that I THOUGHT I bought insurance on it but I did not. I was in a rush on the 13th of July when I shipped it and not having access to internet where I was limited my search options on the web when I sent you an email on the 24th. I have not had access to a regular internet connection until yesterday and thought I would be home much sooner. I had started an email to you but got caught up with making sure my HDD's and data were in check. I do apologize for my lack of communications but it happens.

    Created on: 2015-07-13 12:44 PM
    Product Name: Click-N-Ship®
    Click-N-Ship® Transaction Number: 341945981
    Copy/paste from postal website for date shipped (for whatever reason I can't copy the deliver date, but it was July 15, 2015)

    I still have no proof there is ANY damage to the camera on the day it showed up and you took 4.5 weeks (package sent on July 13, 2015 12:44PM, received according to USPS on the 15th) to let me know it was damaged (first email August 19th 2015). I still have yet to see any pictures of the damage on the day the camera showed up. You SHOULD have emailed me the day of, so I could have refunded you and mailed me the camera back. At this point (even at the point you emailed me) I have no clue how the camera was damaged. A lot happens in 4.5 weeks and the FIRST email you sent me should have had pictures.

    At this point, if you want to get the camera repaired on my dime I will need:
    PROOF via photos the DAY the camera was delivered that the screen was cracked. EXIF will not do at this point as it is too easy to modify/change/mess with. I have included a picture shot the day before it shipped (another potential buyer was curious about the scuffs on the back). The screen is not cracked.
    Day before ship.jpg
    I want the camera taken to a repair shop in your area (my choice) to have an evaluation on HOW the damage occurred.
    I want a signed affidavit that you DID not damage the camera between July 15th, 2015 and August 19th 2015.

    Sorry it had to come to the forums, but your lack of any proof that there was damage to the camera in ANY of your emails made me suspect from the get go and this is why I left it go until I had free time to look a bit closer. Now my hand is forced. At this point I will only respond if you can meet my above 3 points.

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    I am more than happy to release the email trail and show how you just stopped responding to my numerous emails. Further, I have tried SEVERAL times to reach you via phone. And, I have left exactly ONE voicemail explaining the situation, the amount of time I was going to give you (also noting that I hope this is simply a miscommunication) to rectify the situation and that I would be forced to use other means should I not hear back from you by Sept. 18. Also noted in the email trail is that fact that I called several time. It's all in writing.

    To your image of the camera, there is nothing there to prove that the LCD is NOT cracked. It's not turned on so, yeah, it looks fine. But turn it on and here's what you get. Also, please note that the marks near the LCD in your image are where the LCD is cracked.

    Why is it that I get NO RESPONSE from you via private message but SUDDENLY, within less than AN HOUR I MIGHT ADD, do I get a response from you. Like I said, I did not want to bring this out into the open on a public, searchable forum, but your lack of response forced me to. And true to my word, both in writing AND the ONE voicemail I left you, I waited until Sept. 18 until I took other means necessary to get your attention. If you were so willing to discuss this issue before and how we could BOTH move forward with it, I would not have been forced to put this up. You left me no choice by ignoring my repeated attempts to communicate with you and find a workable solution.

    I find it in bad taste that you dictate to me the terms of rectifying this situation when you are the one at fault. At this point your lack of communication until I put it into public light speaks volumes to me. The fact remains, I have a camera from you, that is broken and not what you represented to me when we made a deal. All I want is for it to be repaired and operational. Like I've said all along, the cracked screen is not of importance to me. The lack of being able to record is.

    I am willing to meet all of your points outside of point #1 and point #2. For point #1, unless we can agree on how to prove this is how I received your camera then I don't really see how we could ever move forward. If you will not accept EXIF information as proof, then what exactly am I to use to prove to you that this is how I received your camera? In addition, you also know that I accepted that cracked screen as just part of the deal as I said so in writing. Like I mentioned, I was willing to live with it since it is A) a back up and B) only going to be used in a gimbal with wireless video transmit anyway. However, the issue became a problem when I discover that the camera would not record. Without being able to record though, it's useless to me. For point #2, there is no Black Magic authorized repair facility in my area thus why I spent almost an hour on the phone trying to figure this out with Black Magic support in California. As such, I only feel comfortable sending the camera to Black Magic in California.

    As I have advised you in an email dated Sept. 15th, I gave you a way to make this right. I advised you that I had been in contact with Black Magic support. They advised that the LCD could be fixed for $165. The record issue they were unsure of but are willing to take a look at the camera first to determine if that can be repaired before addressing the LCD. Given that, I asked for $165 to address the LCD issue and $10 to cover shipping costs. Of which there was no reply.

    Here's my counter offer:
    I have already received an RMA from Black Magic to begin the repair process. I will send it in. Once I hear back from them regarding the cost of the repair, I will advise you, at which point you can pay Black Magic directly or can send the funds to me directly to be used for the repair of the camera and any associated shipping costs. If they are unable to repair the camera or make it functional, then you will refund me the purchase price and I will gladly return all the parts I received from you.

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    Gentlemen: Now that you have established a dialog, it might be more appropriate that you took this exchange to a private conversation, please.

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    Andy-I tried to do as you suggested and take this to a private discussion AGAIN. But I have yet to hear anything from Ryan McMaster of Volant Productions. I have tried calling AGAIN and have sent TWO emails asking if he has anything to say about the situation.


    Apparently this is not of any importance to him to try to resolve. I have been more than patient with him and this whole situation. At this point I will have to escalate my attempts at resolution yet again. My hope was that he valued his reputation and standing in this community and would at least speak with me on how to resolve this professionally. It appears as if I was wrong. I do apologize for having to bring this into the public light and this online community.

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