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Discussion in 'MōVI M10' started by Tabb Firchau, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Tabb Firchau Administrator

    The first few videos in a long series of tutorial videos we will be doing. Hope they help you in understanding how the M10 works and how to get the most out of it. If you have any request for future videos please let us know!



    Complete list of MōVI Tutorials as of 9-14-13

  2. Tabb Firchau Administrator

  3. Paul conto Member

    Your first video at the end you say about doing the vertical tilt balance in the next video but you go to the roll balance, and even say you did the vertical tilt but never went to it.
  4. Howard Dapp Active Member

    Great, quick and to the point tutorials. I actually picked up a great tip from one :)
  5. Brad Meier Moderator

    Howard, curious what the tip was..
  6. Howard Dapp Active Member

    The quick way to balance pan by 1st aligning the pan tube with the handle..and so on. Almost ashamed to mention how I would normally balance pan!
  7. Wolfgang Armin Active Member

    Cool and very well done! Perhaps a hint to improve a little for the next tutorials: From a photographers point of view, I´d try to better separate the black movi from the dark background. You could do this by either lighting the background a bit brighter, or (and) by wearing a lighter t-shirt. Other than that - just great.
  8. Tabb Firchau Administrator

    Credit for the Pan balancing tip goes to Brad Meier! I am embarrassed to show how I used to balance Pan also!

    Wolfgang - Good point, I will be more mindful next time making sure the MōVI is more viewable.

    Paul - The Tilt axis vertical balance video is still being finished up, will post it up asap!

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  9. These are great! Thanks.
  10. Brett Harrison Active Member

    Thanks, this is very easy to follow.
  11. Paul conto Member

    Thank you Tabb, This is also very good info for balancing other brushless gimbals thats why im really interested in it. I dont have a Movi yet but im hoping to find an investor to help with my buisness and bring the Movi to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.
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  12. Chuy Valadez New Member


    Can Freefly provide a list of the tools we'll need to make adjustments to the MoVi?
  13. Drew Kachurak Member

    From the looks of Gary's photos in his "First Impressions" thread, the Movi comes with the tools needed to make adjustments.
  14. Chuy Valadez New Member


    Thanks Drew!
  15. Gary Haynes Administrator

    Chuy everything you need except a RED is included.
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  16. Andy Johnson-Laird Administrator

    Actually, I think you need one 4mm hex wrench to attach the 1/4 x 20 screw through the camera plate to the camera of your choosing....but apart from that, everything is indeed provided...nice tools too.
  17. Fabien Rubio New Member

    I ve got the Epic, now what I need is the MOVI , can not wait to have it!
  18. It would be could if you could intercut some inserts too so we can get an ECU view of the more intricate stuff.
  19. Tabb Firchau Administrator

    A few new videos....more on the way as well!

  20. Tabb Firchau Administrator

    A few more

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