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Jul 31, 2012
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Portland, Oregon, USA
Forensic Software Analyst, Photo/VIdeographer

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Andy Johnson-Laird

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Apr 23, 2017 at 9:40 AM
    1. Siddharth Sharma SS
      Siddharth Sharma SS
      Hi Andy, We are on a shoot in Jaisalmer, India with the Alta 8 + M15. The M15 is not holding pan or horizon as we accelerate the Alta.
      1. Siddharth Sharma SS
        Siddharth Sharma SS
        We are trying to finishing up an action sequence in Jaisalmer, India. Need to do a quick work around.
        Mar 25, 2017
      2. Siddharth Sharma SS
        Siddharth Sharma SS
        We are having an issue with getting GPS lock as the Movi is not seeing more than 5-6 sometimes 7 satellites.
        Mar 25, 2017
      3. Siddharth Sharma SS
        Siddharth Sharma SS
        Could the weak GPS signal result in less hold on the Pan Axis and drift in the horizon??
        Mar 25, 2017
    2. Alison Rose
      Alison Rose
      Hi Andy. I joined hoping for the community's help in finding an accomplished Freefly system owner-operator-dp in Chile or nearby. Is it ok to post such a query on the Forum? Thanks.
    3. Brian Legrady
      Brian Legrady
      Hi Andy: Support sent me your way. All I'm trying to do is post a question in the forum. It's been awile since I've done it, but support tells me it is diferent from the past and left it at that. I dont see an option on the site to post anything other than a profile post. Do you know what the issue could be? Or guide me through the process?
    4. kjetil tønnesen
      kjetil tønnesen
      i have done a big mistake when i should update to akira firmware, with a mistake a took the movicontroller firmware into move m5 ,and when i turn it on is is just dead, how to reset the movi m5,so i can load the right firmware into it???
    5. John Bruce Anderson
      John Bruce Anderson
      Such a pleasure to meet you Andy. Thank you for rescuing me from .. as "The Editor" doesn't even own an Inspire 1 it should be called
    6. justin portwood
      justin portwood
      hi andy i am new to this but i cannot bet my motors to run with my dx8 i see it working in the mktool but when i unplug i get nothing i have everything unchecked and no errors. i calabrated the compass etc. i watched all your videos but just cannot get the motors to turn i tried the down left and down right etc what am i missing
    7. Robert Gerding
      Robert Gerding
      I would like to post the following...seeking experienced pilot for feature work. Equipment would be The Cinestar 8 hl.i live in Cincinnati Ohio and filming with a Red. Anyone that can freelance
    8. Edgard Neves
      Edgard Neves
      Hi Andy.

      I have downloaded the Freely Movi App to my iPhone and iPad and I cannot pair it.

      When I open the app a message pops up:

      "Device not found, please select device in Hifi settings."

      I have searched my Movi in the Wifi setting and the Bluetooth settings and it doest show up. I can make it work easily on my Mac computer but nothing on my iPhone and iPad.

      Would you be able to assist me?


      1. Thomas Appell
        Thomas Appell
        I experienced the same thing on my iPhone 6+ and have had no luck getting it to work. I can't seem to get it working on my laptop either. It's showing up in bluetooth as FFS-AAFE on my laptop but not connecting. Can someone please help! Thanks...
        Jul 3, 2015
    9. Wing Sheung Chow
      Wing Sheung Chow
      Dear Andy,
      Recently, we got an inquiry from a customer who is one of the first group of M5 customers. His problem is about M5 update failure. We have gone through some discussions here and found "Jumper cable" might be able to help. Could you please help to send us some ? Appreciate your help and advice. Many many thanks! Shirley
    10. Paul Berner
      Paul Berner
      My tilt motor is running up at +55 and -55. all my other motor info on the GUI is accurate. I've been reading posys about a loose connector on the tilt motor. Can you post or send me an email eith exact instructions to check and see and possible re-connect the cable?
      Thanks, please let me know, I am on a shoot this weekend. email is
      Thanks Andy
    11. Paul Berner
      Paul Berner
      Andy, Are you available for a question about tilt on my m5 and sony a7s?
    12. Marcelo Vaccari
      Marcelo Vaccari
    13. Mark Jaeger
      Mark Jaeger
      Andy, Are Ads removed after some period of time. I searched for my CS8 and Panasonic GH3 ads to update them and I can't find them in the forum (for sale). The GH3 sold but I wanted to spiff up the CS8 ad. Thanks, Mark Jaeger
    14. Eric Kubicka
      Eric Kubicka
      HI Andy, am PDX based as well (NW) if you are are free to meet up sometime it would be good to sit and compare notes on the industry.
    15. Shadd Williams
      Shadd Williams

      Watching your video, trying to update our firmware. The problem is that the UPDATE FIRMWARE/TERMINAL window doesn't have all the choices on the bottom of the screen that yours does. All it has is the "DEBUG" button. HELP!!
    16. Sam Fleishman
      Sam Fleishman
      Kde tells me I have to have the bigger bullet connectors
    17. Sam Fleishman
      Sam Fleishman
      Hey Andy,
      Is there any reason to use bullet connectors larger than 3.5 on ESCs or motor wires? I'm talking about heavy lift applications. U7 size motors and 70+ amp escs. I ask because everyone uses ec5 connectors and those have 3.5 bullets. The new KDE motors and ESCs have 4mm and up bullets but is that necessary. The power hungry board only has 3.5mm bullets.
    18. Steve Upshaw
      Steve Upshaw
      Could I please be allowed access to the conversation on rates to charge? Thanks
    19. Wing Sheung Chow
      Wing Sheung Chow
      Hi Andy, Could you please recommend how to fit big motors like AXI 4120/20 to CS8? Appreciate your help and advice.

      Thanks a lot!
    20. James Okraku
      James Okraku
      Hi Andy,
      I recently found your discussion 'how to calculate rate for long form shoot'. I understand that I am
      late to the discussion, but could I get an invitation to the forum you were discussing pricing? It
      would be great to get further informed on the pricing matter and take in thoughts expressed.
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