Using Copter Control for gimbal stabilization

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    For those who are not happy with MK's gimbal stabilization or want to setup a second tx for camera control, there are not much alternative, until Free Fly's solution hits to the market.

    I use Copter Control for gimbal stabilization. Its much cheaper and I get better results than MKs stabilization.

    Some tips:

    * First, level the CC.
    * You need to center the value of Roll channel in Output menu of GCS. After centering the value Save this settings.
    * To level the roll and tilt, just play with Potentiometers. If you do this centering from the software, it will level only one direction.
    * After powering CC, don't move it at least 5 seconds.
    * If the tilt travel is too short form the gimbal input, adjust the input range setting under CameraStabSettings top-right corner of the GCS.

    I'll post some pics of my setup. I'm using CC now for CS8 + 360 CS mount and CS6 + 2-axis CS mount.

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