Ozkan Erden
Aug 3, 2012
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Ozkan Erden

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    1. Janne Hoglund
      Janne Hoglund
      Hi Ozkan.

      I have read you are using the swan neck arms for Cinestar 8 or x8?
      I have several C8 frames, now thinking of trying out booms like the swan neck arms or just angeled upwards 5-8°
      Any observations on the swan neck arms compared to straight ones you like to share?

      Best Regards from Sweden.

      Janne Höglund
    2. Howard Dapp
      Howard Dapp
      Hi Ozkan, question regarding your KDE 4014-380 motors. Have you experinced any issues where the bell slides up the shaft and creating a few mm of play? If so have you performed the recomended loctite fix? I'm using the same motors and so far at least half of them have play due to the bell sliding up the shaft.
    3. Chase Reynolds
      Chase Reynolds
      Hey Ozkan, do you still have 8 KDE5215XF motors for sale? I'm in the marketing for some. I'm in the United States, I don't remember if you said you could ship them here or not.

      Thank you in advance.
    4. Dan Coplan
      Dan Coplan
      I read an old post of yours that you converted your CS8 to an X8. I have a CS8 and it flies great but I keep hearing positive reviews about the X8 configuration and am wondering if it's worth converting or if I should just stick with what I have. Do you mind sharing your experience and suggestions with me?
    5. okan
      Merhaba Özkan Bey Ben Yakin bir zamanda FreeFly almak istiyorum bu konuda bana yardimci olabilirmisiniz acaba .Tur kiyede bayisi olmadigindan Yurt disindan almam gerekecek . Sizde de distributor yaziyor diye size sorayim dedim. Ilginiz icin tesekkurler
    6. engin ber
      engin ber
      merhaba özkan bey rahatsız ediyorum. . sanırım pclab kurucususunuz. yazılarınızı okudum forumlarda. ve gerçekten çok şey öğrendim.sanırım siz de u5 motor kullanıyorsunuz. hexa topluyorum ve u5 ile başlamak istiyorum. ama sorun şu ki acaba dslr ve gimbal dahil acaba 3-3,5 kg kaldırabilir mi. gerçekten çok özür diliyorum bu soru için.
    7. okan
      Selam Özkan Profilinizin altında distributor yazıyor hangi ulkedesiniz acaba.
    8. Chakradhar Raju
      Chakradhar Raju
      I am keen to buy a gimbal with 2 tilt motors one on roll and pan on (reduction type belt) (GB 85) is it possible to build one and sell me..if the price is good I can buy..we can talk on rajuchakradhar@gmail.com..
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