Pan Not Working with Spectrum Remote

Discussion in 'MōVI M5' started by Brad Griswold, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Hoping someone here has some insight. Long story short, have a Spectrum remote bound to the M5 gimbal through a 2048 receiver. In the past, everything has worked perfectly fine. Bound a new controller to it and now everything works except for panning through the remote.

    I can connect via the wifi adapter and through the iPhone app and see in the dual ops section that the commands are getting through for panning (and my pan speed setting - I made sure that was set sufficiently high as I attempted to pan). I can see all the corresponding controls coming through and all but the pan reacts accordingly to the controls.

    I've done an auto tune and stiffness is relatively low (40ish) on the pan axis. The motor holds and I've done a full controller and remote reset through the app to the same result. Additionally, I can control the panning through the GUI joystick in the timelapse portion of the app so I know panning itself is functional. Firmware is 5.0

    Anyone has any insight as to what on earth is going on?

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    Brad: So just to confirm:

    Just to eliminate doubt, on the Spektrum transmitter (you don't identify a model number, but I'll assume a DX7s or 8), when you go into the Monitor screen (press the thumbwheel and rotate it to the last item on the list), when you waggle the right stick left and right, do you see the AIL (second line down) moving, but the opposite way from the stick?

    Also, what page on the Chart screen of the app are you using to confirm that the pan signal is being received, please?


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