Is my battery dead?

Discussion in 'MōVI M5' started by james smith, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Hey Guys,

    I got two batteries that came in with the M5. The first one charged perfectly and the battery indicators were working fine. When I attached my second battery, I keep getting the 4S blinking red light? (check image attached)

    What am I doing wrong here since the first one worked perfectly. I read somewhere if the voltage drops below 3amp the battery is dead. But this is the first charge out of the box.

    Also, is this covered under freefly warranty terms?
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    Certainly if the battery drops below 3 volts per cell (and there are four cells per LiPo battery, then there is a problem.

    If you have a LiPo tester like this, it would allow you to diagnose whether one cell has gone to LiPo battery heaven.

    If you got the M5 from an FF dealer then you should contact the dealer. FF's batteries, in my experience, are good quality. The only time I've trashed one was when I over discharged it (so it was entirely my fault).


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