CF VS. Beechwood props

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  1. Sam Fleishman

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    Mar 30, 2013
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    TM has recently released beechwood props in conjunction with their popular CF props. Other than the pitch difference what are the pros and cons between tiger cf props vs. beechwood props? I have heard of different people preceding one or the other bit I'm unaware of differences in performance. It seems like their cf props have become industry standard. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
  2. Ozkan Erden

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    Aug 3, 2012
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    I used Xoar and Gemfly wood props, when I moved over Tiger carbon props, the first thing I noticed was the copter was quiter with Tiger carbon props.

    It has been a long time since I switched over carbon props, so honestly I don't remember what was the exact performance difference but they were pretty close.

    Wood props are more fragile. You can sand carbon prop for minor scratches and it will work perfectly. And if you tighten the nuts over wood props, the compression force will leave mark and if you remove and install props often, the mark on the wood props get deeper. Thats why their hub is very thick but for me it is still worrying.

    And i believe the weight is another factor. Carbon props are lighter and you can feel it while flying. Anther note, slowfly type props (like tiger carbon props) generate more thrust but the motor gets hotter quicker.
  3. Ryan McCrae

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    Oct 9, 2012
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    When i switched form xoars to carbon props, my machine felt better, just a tiny bit more stable. I suspect due to the low weight of the carbon props. Wood is extreamely fragile, if you have a tip over on grass they will break. Carbon not so much

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