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Discussion in 'ALTA' started by Brian Merrill, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hi everyone. I'm still fairly new at this and I was wondering if I have understood setting the channel mappings correctly. I think first flight will go much better if the switches are interpreted by the Alta the same way I intend them to be. :)

    I've included a picture of the X12S transmitter positions (as given by the status screen) and the status as shown in the Alta app for radio setup. Set to mode 2 I've got the right stick centered and the left stick with throttle up about 25% and the app picture seems to agree with that.

    I can move a switch and see that the appropriate channel indicator in the app moves.
    Ch5: switch A (SA) is the Mode switch and it is in bottom position for manual.
    Ch6: switch B (SB) is the Home switch and it is in the middle for RTH off.
    Ch7: slider 1 is down a quarter and the climb rate clamp lowered
    Ch8: slider 2 is 3/4 down and the velocity clamp went most of the way down
    Ch9: switch C (SC) is the Disarm Safety switch and it is in the upper position for ON - disarm not possible
    Channel 10 is the orbit switch not visible in the picture but it is behaving like the others.

    I had to reverse the switches (but not the sliders or joysticks) in order for them to move the appropriate direction.

    Appreciate the comments and suggestions!

    Note: switch positions are for demonstration only and not how I intend to have them positioned for takeoff or any other flight mode.

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    Hi Brian:
    I don't think there's any such thing as an absolute right way to map switches/channels/functionality. It's whatever works for you. The only potential downside occurs if someone else, used to the standard mappings, tries to use your transmitter. But you can deal with that by having two different model files -- one being "Brian's Mapping" and the other "the Standard Mapping" and you just swap between them as required.

    That said, there are some kinda dumb mappings. For example, on DJI's Inspire 1 and 2, the right stick pulled back lifts the "nose" of the copter. That's standard and is consistent for fixed wing and multi-rotor (and manned aircraft). On the other hand (literally) the left thumbwheel pulled back *lowers* the nose of the camera (it tilts down!). That is contradictory in the extreme and there is no method that I know of to reverse the channel associated with the thumbwheel. DJI have the same "design" for the OSMO joystick as well (at least they did when I beta tested it).

    Your design does not appear to attempt anything as "radical" (for which read "dumb") as the DJI alleged "design."


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