A GPX Check flying the RED Epic

Discussion in 'Cinestar 8' started by Steven Flynn, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if I might get some feedback on my gpx file for my flight test last night. I'm flying a carbon fiber red epic dragon and really high end lenses. So the payload is really expensive. I flew a test last night and it flew great... here is the gpx file flying with two 10k 6S batteries and movi m10. The peak current was a quick climb I did toward the end of the flight. To my eye it seems within limits... I'm still learning the finer points of these reports and the more technical feedback the better! :) And I have to say having you all here is such a gift at times like these... many heads are better than one. steve

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  2. Ozkan Erden

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    Hello Steven,

    What motors & prop combo do you use and what is your AUW?

    Your average and max amp consumptions pretty low.

    I would double check the alignment of the motors OR the CoG, since motor #2 and #4 seems consuming a bit more power.
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    I would echo what Ozkan said about checking your center of gravity, especially with a (presumably) heavy camera package. Have you done a proper pan balance on the MōVI? if the copter balances front to back, and left to right, but the MōVI's not balanced, you could see some issues like what we might be seeing in the GPX.

    It seems you were within 10m of the ground, so I might try some more extended climbs. If you were hovering a lot, that's be the reason your BL temperatures are a little higher than what we usually see.

    It also looks like you took off and landed with GPS Position Hold engaged, and only flew her in manual for a few seconds. You also had Altitude Hold engaged for the first half of the flight, but not the second. That's curious to me. Nevertheless, you want to make sure you're comfortable flying in Manual for a variety of reasons. GPS (especially lately with all the solar storms) is not 100% reliable, and you want to make sure your skills can command the copter through takeoff and landing and normal flight maneuvers.

    Overall, though, your numbers look good for this kind of flight.

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