Who are the top smartphone filmmakers?

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    It’s impossible to discuss this without linking to the video that proved that it is possible to use a smartphone for serious video. That is probably the Bentley Intelligent Details video from 2014, shot with an iPhone 5s:

    And then there’s the Intelligent Details behind the scenes video:

    At the tail end of the first video, and in the second video, it’s interesting to see what’s being used for stabilisation. A tad more cumbersome than a Movi Cinema Robot.

    Of current filmmakers using smartphones, one name that comes to mind is Matteo Bertoli. His web site is at https://www.matteobertoli.me/ Here, he captures his home town of Brescia, Italy with an iPhone:


    P.S. I understand Showcase to be for videos made by Movi users. The idea here is to identify/highlight filmmakers who are doing interesting work with a smartphone generally.
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