We tried everything, big problems with movi xl

Discussion in 'MōVI XL' started by Alexandr Bahlik, Jul 21, 2021 at 1:48 PM.

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    Hi, we are guys from Russia and we have practically new Movi XL. The system works on a Motocrane Ultra Arm in combination with a Flowcine TRANQUILIZER. We are having trouble setting up Movi XL. When hitting a bump, the Tilt & Pan starts to shake. We tried all the settings, changed the firmware, hung up different cameras and optics, removed the Flowcine TRANQUILIZER. Nothing helps. With other Movi XL (not ours) everything works fine. We downloaded the logs and sent Freefly. Can you please tell me how long does Freefly respond? Can they help remotely? If the chassis is under warranty, how long will it take to fix the defects? Can anyone face the same problem?


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