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Discussion in 'Movi Beta App' started by Chris Allen, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Mar 13, 2019
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    New user to both the MCR as well as the Movi app. I'm a casual user wanting to improve my filming but nothing professional.

    I do beta testing for Apple and many other apps, so I wanted to provide my feedback on my experience so far.


    - There is a lot of lag and delay when moving from standby to regular back and forth. For example, if you are running around switching between standby mode and filming mode on and off, the link will hang and no MCR physical controls will work, and the app itself loses all control via touch control. This is extremely frustrating and requires a force-quit of the app as well as turning on/off the MCR itself to reset the connection. I've lost a lot of potential shots due to massive hangs from the app which is quite frustrating.

    - There is quite a lot of system lag switching between the menus after you've been shooting for a while.

    - If you preview a video, move to standby, and re-open the app, the app will hang and lose physical control of the MCR.

    ***Suggested Improvements

    - I think everyone has suggested the native integration of 3rd party apps such as FilmicPro and Moment, but I'll throw my hat into the ring on this suggestion as well.

    - De-squeeze processing for an anamorphic lens attachment.

    - Orientation changes would be helpful for previewing footage when in standby mode. Locking orientation to landscape is just a poor UX overall.

    - Shutter speed options would be helpful.

    - Better communication with your testers and a feedback option to provide testing opportunities.

    - Updates and releases on a schedule with an expectation of ship dates to keep people engaged. Your developer community is your best testing opportunity and will only improve customer loyalty.

    Overall, the MCR is plenty of fun and I'm enjoying the experience. Looking for these bugs to be buttoned up on the software side and some new features to be added to complete the package.

    Thanks for the hard work everyone.
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    If you want the freefly team to see this you should post it to the beta feedback back form.

    https://freeflysystems.com/support/movi-support/beta Scroll down for the feedback section.

    That’s not to say it won’t be see here, it will be seen more quickly and usually addressed if you use the form.

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