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Discussion in 'MōVI M5' started by Miguel Bunster, Feb 6, 2016.

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    As a cinematographer I get to shoot in different places under different circumstances and of the many diverse tools I used, Movi has always worked great. In commercials I always have used the M10 or M15 with different cameras. Always try to work with a company in Chile named Stable Shot, they are the best. That said I am thinking of getting an M5 for my personal stuff or lower end productions (I just want an excuse to have one).

    Now I have a possibility to bring one in the next week to Chile but not sure cause of NAB and all the sudden lower prices.

    I believe in small cameras, don't get me wrong I am shooting a movie now in arri raw with an Alexa Plus and an Odessy 7q+ but I think as many that small cameras as the sony a7sii or a7rii are a glimpse of what will come soon..hopefully will get higher internal fps and better bit depth but it will come.

    Now I plan to use it with:

    Sony a7Rii (or similar)
    EF Metabones or PL Metabones
    Rt Motion Follow Focus
    Paralinx Wireless
    Odessy 7Q+ (sort of overkill but what i have)

    In optics:

    Canon 24-70L 2.8
    Canon 16-35Lii 2.8
    Rokinon primes
    Zeiss Primes
    And smaller and light PL glass

    Any opinions would be great! Even though it ain't expensive now still a big investment.

    Thank you!

    Miguel Bunster

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