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Discussion in 'Freefly Tero' started by Derek Cooper, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Andreas Riem

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    Oct 28, 2015
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    Derek, thanks a lot for insights! Which degree do you use for the toe-out at the rear wheels? 1° or more? We've been working on the 4° Baja originals but therewith we have very strong vibrations.

    Best, Andreas
  2. Wesley Gurr

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    Oct 17, 2014
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    Hey Andreas,
    So on the rear end of the Tero we run toe in, this means the rear wheels are always driving inwards. Negative 3deg is generally a good spot to be at. The more toe in, the more it locks in the rear. More toe in will limit top speed and cause the car to loose traction faster when breaking the back tires loose. If driven smoothly, more toe in will be benificial for driving the Tero as a camera rig.
    Another thing to consider is camber, we generally run -2deg front and rear. Applying more negative camber will improve how the Tero handles skipping across bumps through a corner. And can also increase corner speed/stability. So in a case where we have to drive around a corner at high speeds and handle rough terrain, we will run -2.5deg front and -3 to -3.5 deg rear.
    As far as your vibrations go, this setup has never caused us vibrations. I would recommend checking wheel balance, driveline/bearings. Check your tires aren't coming off the rim.
    A side note - Derek and I are selling a spare Tero we have setup to our liking. It comes with pelican case, and will ship to NA. If anyone is interested.

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