Starting to become frustrated with FreeFly

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tristan Twisselman, Sep 26, 2014.

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    So after investing thousands in the FreeFly 6s9000 batteries I go to get another to replace one that was damaged and what do you know...they are no longer available... FreeFly and Tabb had been great to me in the past with customer service but after the Movi price drop and no incentive for those of us who bought the M5 and now them for whatever reason just all the sudden not selling the batteries anymore is incredibly frustrating. No warning that it is going to happen or anything. I want all my flight packs to be the same so that mounting and cg and everything is correct and the same every time. Now I am selling all of my FreeFly packs and going with something i know will be around in a week, month, or year from now...

    And about the M5 price drop. Basically every other company or business will offer you the price difference back if the price drops within 30 days or 45 days or whatever their policy is...FreeFly sells the gimbal one day for 5k, then the next day sells it for a thousand dollars less and just says we understand it stings...but thats too bad.

    Then everyone with the M10 that is really have no reason to are able to sell your m10 that has made you money and basically get the m15 at no added cost...pretty much every scenario no matter when you got the m10 you are taken care of and able to have that incentive so it doesn't sting like it does for us M5 owner. I feel like because I spend only 5k to buy the product I am not as important as the m10 owners who spent 15. I guess it is what it is but I won't be buying another cinestar for my new rig or their esc, batteries, etc. Rant over.
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    yup... I hear your frustration for sure.

    You'll feel better when you stop buying from both of them... I was a huge supporter of both QC and FF in the beginning but after so many questionable events along the way. I just had to find other ways of getting it done. Trust me there are ways :)
    Some great products like the Movi and the simplicity of the Cinestar frames are all negated by their pricing and lack of upgrades or future vision. Great ideas... bad business.

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