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    Hello, everyone!

    SkyMotion Video is selling off some of its remaining assets as we prepare for a big change.

    The two of us, (Gabie and Chuck) are expecting our second child at the end of March! With Gabie being super pregnant as it is, and with our intended parental leave throughout much of the summer 2019, we find ourselves looking towards future endeavours which allow us to spend more time with our growing family and less time on the road.

    What’s for sale?
    Please check out the PDF document here which highlights the remaining gear we are looking to liquidate, such as our Freefly Alta 8 with Movi PRO, our 6K RED Epic Dragon camera, and accessories such as the RT Motion Follow Focus System and HME DX100 kit.

    If interested in any items, please email me back at:

    Please note: Priority will be given to those seeking to acquire multiple items, followed by the order in which we’ve received inquiries.

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