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    Just wondering what others are doing and the experiences you are having.

    The MOVI appears to only recognize 9 output channels from Spektrum or Futaba Sbus. Is there a reason for this?

    When trying to prepare for dual and single operator configurations, you are somewhat limited in the channels available for the MOVI.

    I am flying the DJI NAZA v2 using Futaba sbus. Channels 1-4 are used on the flight controls and channel 7 controls the mode. This leaves channels 5,6,8,9 for the MOVI.

    I assigned 5 and 6 to pan and tilt, 8 to the gimbal mode and 9 for roll trim. One question I have is can I leave the other functions like pan rate and tilt rate set to 0 on the configurator? I did not seem to have much luck with this. The gimbal was not behaving as expected.

    Because of a lack of time, we went back to provided DX8, satellite receiver and standard channel assignments and everything is working normally.

    How are you assigning channels for a single person operation?

    I could use pwm outputs to control the Naza and a receiver that uses the upper channels. This would free up additional channels for the MOVI.

    Why doesn't the MOVI decode more channels?


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