Simultaneous Gimbal Control: Order of Operations

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro API' started by Ben Glass, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Jun 15, 2017
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    My question is this: can I have simultaneous control of roll, pan, and tilt through an Arduino controller and a MoVI controller?

    I’m planning on controlling roll, pan, and tilt through the Arduino in ABSOLUTE, and running commands in a loop that set R,P, and T to different values. I assume this is basically like the cycle testing example in the Facebook live API video Freefly put out in March (31:42 ). If the Arduino runs these commands, will an operator still be able to manipulate roll, pan, and tilt from the MoVI controller?

    If not, which will have authority over the other?
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    Dec 17, 2015
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    Only the highest priority controller will get control of an individual realtime control axis (pan, tilt, roll, focus, iris, zoom) at a time.

    Priority order is:
    MIMIC with Priority set to 1 > MIMIC with Priority set to 2 > GCU COM 2 > GCU COM 1

    For example, if your arduino sets absolute for pan and tilt, and defers roll, MōVI Controller will be able to control Roll.

    Also 50hz is fine if you are directly wiring up your API device to to MōVI, but I recommend >100Hz if its connected to MIMIC instead as MIMICs transmission rate to MōVI is 76Hz. At 50Hz you might notice jitters if there are dropped packets.

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