Redrock SLS FIZ Motors for MoVI Pro & MoVI XL - Blackjack + MoVI Controller (4.0.1)

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    If you are running Redrock's new SLS FIZ Motors on your MoVI Pro & MoVI XL with Blackjack and MoVI Controller (4.0.1) you may be experiencing a problem where the motors do not calibrate properly or calibrate but only the Focus motor seems to function correctly.

    After connecting your SLS Motors to your MoVI Pro and/or MoVI XL and assigning the Hocus Reflex protocol for each axis it's now time to run a motor Calibration from the FIZ Main menu.

    Note - I am using the MoVI Controller (4.0.1) with the MoVI XL.

    After each motor calibrates, we noticed that only the Focus axis would work properly and while the Iris or Zoom seemed to fail. If you look closely at the FIZ Main screen on your MoVI Controller, you will notice that only the Focus Limits are turned Off while the Zoom and Iris Limits are turned On. Make certain that all LIMITS are turned OFF and suddenly all three axis will function properly.

    This seems to be a bug which you will need to correct after each Calibration but at least it's an easy work around and likely has something to do with the Hocus Reflex protocol.

    I was told by Redrock Micro this week that Freefly will be augmenting the Redrock Micro protocol in the MoVI Controller very soon so hopefully this will only be a short lived annoyance.

    Hope you find this helpful!

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