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    Our county has decided to host an ice hockey tournament where about 30 teams would participate in over 60 games. We conduct this annually, but this year the participation has increased attracting nearly 1500 attendees to the event. We, as the event organizers, are looking for a creative and impactful way to grab the audience's attention and kick-start the tournament. We have deep cultural ties embedded in this sporting event, we want them to be reflected in the event's content and entertainment. Our event is going to be conducted in a busy center having simultaneous sporting events which give a small installation timeline. We are searching for trusted companies to produce this event. We would like to have custom content created to open the event. One of the suggestions that came up is to have an on-ice projection mapping performance that features cultural and indigenous dancers and drummer performances. Amidst the live entertainment, we want to project custom motion animation content on the ice, to complement the performances of some great artists. For this, we are looking for companies who do projection mapping in Toronto and who are ready to take on this task of creating custom content for the event. I wonder how these companies work? Do we have to furnish the content? How long does it take for them to work? Please help us.

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