Paralinx Exhibits at Abel Cine Wireless Expo in NYC

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    Abel Cine has another great Expo coming up next week in NYC - All About Wireless Video.

    My company Paralinx will be there to talk about our cost effective, high Performance wireless HD transmitter systems.

    When we started working on Paralinx about five years ago, there was literally nothing available that met OUR needs as camera people. We strove to make something that would make our lives easier when shooting, and that would be affordable enough for most people to carry in their kit and rent to productions as needed. We are constantly striving to innovate and provide the best possible solution for a wireless HD link with zero delay, and we are very excited to be presenting at this Abel Cine event. I look forward to seeing you in New York!

    many Thanks to Mitch Gross, Andy Shipsides, and the entire Abel Cine team for making this possible!

    The AbelCine EXPO: Wireless Video Transmitters is scheduled for 6pm-9pm, September 24th at Abel Cine NYC.

    Hopefully our friends in NYC can attend, and hopefully many more who don't know us yet, and if not they you can view the LiveStream afterwards. Sign up here -http://training.abel....ters-new-york/

    Or view the LiveStream here on Tuesday night - http://new.livestrea....ransmitters-ny

    Yours Truly will be there to talk about our current, new and upcoming wireless hd solutions.

    I will also have my smallHD DP7 OLED monitor with me if anyone who hasn't had a chance to check it out yet would like to!

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