Movi M5 for sale LA/San Diego Area - - - $1000USD OBO

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    For Sale is my Beloved Movi M5... Hate to see her go but the Ronin S fits me better for a small rig. I will continue to love and use the M10 though.

    Comes with a Pelican case (not the origonal), Original stand, 5 batteries, screwdrivers, both camera plates, and a small jar of screws and bolts I've found useful over time. If you want a tutorial on how to use it I can do that, Or if you want to know how to pair a 3rd party controller. Comes with the cable for a 3rd party SBUS RX, but I'm keeping mine for later use.

    Ill offer all this up for $1000USD obo. If you have a Ronin S and want an M5, the Message me and we can talk about a trade if you throw in some cash or other gear. I already have an Atomos Ninja Flame, so I don't know what I need besides the Gimbal. If it's gear I love it though, So offer away.

    Ask away, Ill try to be on here every day at least once, but I'm active duty so if i don't get back to something i will over the weekend.

    Thanks a bunch guys
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