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    Joe Chott here.

    I developed a love for photography decades ago when a relative gave me a Kodak EK6 instant camera. The ability to see the result right away was key for me at that age as I didn’t yet understand the photography process (I was in grade school).

    I later received a used Mamiya-Sekor SLR camera (probably a 500TL or 1000TL or similar) from a different relative, along with a set of lenses. A trip to the Oregon coast and Seattle areas with that camera instilled a lifelong love of photography.

    With college and my first jobs I didn’t have time for photography and when I returned to it, I bought a Sony Magic’s (I believe it was a MVD-FD73), which has a 10x zoom and brought back the immediacy of my old Kodak instant camera. But man oh man, the image quality was next to worthless!!

    I eventually made a transition through a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, a Canon 10d DSLR, and eventually a series of Canon 5D models along with all the assorted lenses and gear for a very successful side career as a wedding photographer.

    I’m now the proud owner of a Freefly Movi Cinema Robot to go with my iPhone XS Max. Although I’ve shot video on my Canon DSLRs, I’m ready for a lighter rig. I want to truly see what I can do with so called “consumer” gear, so I’ve gone all in with every Moment lens available for my iPhone, a Zoom H5 and all the associated microphones, booms, and lighting gear I thought I might need to do some amateur “movies” with my kids. I haven’t quite received all my gear yet, but should have it all in a few days at which point I’ll really get going on learning how to leverage everything to the best of my ability! :)

    -Joe Chott

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