For Sale in EUrope: MōVI Pro Handheld Bundle + Peli Case €4200

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro' started by Zsolt Vaszary, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Jan 3, 2017
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    Hey Guys. We have an extra set for sale, purchased November 2018, is a spare. Very little wear, good condition, comes with everything that's in the original package:
    • MoVI Pro
    • MoVI Ring Pro
    • MIMIC
    • Bush Pilot Lens Control Knob
    • 2x MoVI Pro Battery Pack 1.8Ah
    • 2x MoVI Pro Battery Charger
    • 1x COM to FRX Cable
    • 1x MoVI Rod Mount Adapter
    • 2x Bolt ⅜ -16 x ⅝”
    • 2x Bolt ¼ -20 x ½”
    • 2x Bolt ¼ -20 x ⅜”
    • 1x 2.00mm Hex Driver
    • 1x 2.50mm Hex Driver
    We have used the original foams to cushion the Peli Case which is not included in the basic price but would be happy to include it for EUR 200 on top. Shipping cost, PayPal or other fees not included. Located in the EU, comes with full invoice.

    Questions and offers welcome: zsolt@axisgrip.com or look me up on FB (Zsolt Vaszary).


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