For Sale: Alta 8 / M15 Combo

Discussion in 'ALTA 8' started by Oliver Lun, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Looking to sell our Alta 8 / M15 combo, fully kitted to fly Alexa Mini or RED Epic (except the Alexa Mini battery mount).

    Bought October, 2016, but didn't fly until after the motor mount upgrade in Dec 2016.
    The Alta 8 has only been on 4 jobs, and the M15 on another 3 on the ground.
    It's probably undergone less than 50 flights.
    Note: On one landing we nicked some branches and some props got chips in them, those props have been replaced. No damage to the frame or any other items.

    Additional Equipment Included:

    5.8 ghz Black Mamba TX5820
    Connex Wireless HD
    ReadyMade RC RMRC-700XV FPV Camera
    4x M15 Batteries
    8x Tattu Plus 10,000 mAh Batteries (EC5 110A connectors)
    Movi Rod Mount Adapter
    gentWire Arri Alexa Mini Start/Stop Cable
    Red Epic Start/Stop Cable
    Freefly Universal Start/Stop Cables
    BlackMagic SDI to HDMI Converter (for Alexa)
    SDI Cables with 90 degree joints (for Alexa)
    M15 Hard Case

    We're letting it go as flights in Hong Kong are heavily regulated and it's difficult to get this size aircraft permitted in many areas.

    PRICE: $21,000 USD
    (Originally over $29,000)

    We'll take care of shipping from our side, but depending on your country, we'll see if the batteries need to be shipped separately.
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