FOR SALE!! (3x) Hocus Products Reflex Lens Motors **PRICED TO SELL**

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    Hello All!

    For sale we have 3 Hocus Products Reflex Lens Control Motors, which all come with original box, cables & accessories. These motors have been used only a few times, and were always handled and maintained by professionals. They have spent minimal time outside of the box and are in brand new condition. Included in the kit are:

    3x - Hocus Products Reflex Motor w/ original boxes
    4x - Freefly Systems Lens Control Motor
    4x - 15mm Rod clamps (standard)
    2x - 15mm Rod clamps (extended)
    3x - 0.8p gears
    2x - 48p gears
    2x - 64p gears

    These motors work seamlessly with the Movi Controller and Movi Pro - allowing you to add a wireless FIZ setup without the hassle of mounting an MDR to your camera or gimbal!!

    We are asking $1,000 per motor - more than a 40% discount from their retail price of ~$1,700 a motor. With each motor comes a FreeFly Systems Lens Control Cable, which we are including FOR FREE! (retail at $199 from FF) We are even throwing in a 4th cable free of charge to serve as a backup.

    Total asking price for 3 Motors & Cables - ***$3,000 FIRM*** ($5,700 original total - ~ 45% discount)

    Contact Jake via email at: for inquires! We ship anywhere in the US!

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    What’s your reasoning behind selling the motors and did you end up going with Heden?

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