Firmware 4.01 Aux Port Function M10/M5...Questions

Discussion in 'MōVI MR' started by alec_caton, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Hi guys,
    Just updated both our M10 and M5 to the new 4.01 Firmware...I'm just reading up on the Aux Port Functions though and I was wondering if someone could shed some light and setting these up to enable shutter release?

    On our M5 I currently have an AR8000 powered via the SBUS to control the shutter release on our Canon 5D series for photographs, but this set-up (for some reason) will not roll the camera to record when we're operating with the GH4. Does this new Aux function mean I can have the same function from the SBUS without the AR8000 (to save on clutter) and if so does anyone have any suggestions or experience using the Aux Port Function...?

    The mind'd be good to get it set up on both the M5 / M10 as a start/stop feature for us would be really useful! Both of which are operated by Spektrum Dx8 / 7s, respectively.


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