Dual operator CS Flat-8 w/ MK stack, Radian 360 3-axis gimbal, + radios, chargers, etc etc

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    I'm getting out of MR flying. So everything must go. I'd like to get rid of everything in one bundle, but I'll break it up if I have to.

    Asking $7500.00 + shipping for everything together.

    • CS Flat-8 Heavy Lift
      • 8x T-Motor MN4012 motors
      • 8x T-Motor 15x5 carbon fiber props
      • MikroKopter electronics stack
        • Flight Control
        • 8x ESC (MK double quadro cool)
        • Navigation Control
        • GPS
    • CS 3-Axis 360 gimbal w/ Radian stabilizers
    • Graupner MC-32 TX (32-channel transmitter)
      • with voice cues
      • and tray with neck strap and mounting holes for video monitor
    • Graupner 16 channel RX
    • Spektrum DX 8 TX (for gimbal/camera control)
    • Spektrum satellite RX for gimbal/camera
    • 2x Pelican cases
      • 1x for gimbal + 4x batteries
      • 1x for video monitor, gimbal tx, tools, bits n bobs
    • 4x batteries
      • 2x 6S 10,000 mAh
      • 2x 6S 16,000 mAh
      • All four batteries have been placed at storage voltage and sat idle for about 6 months
    • 2x 7-inch video monitors
    • 1x video transmitter for gimbal
    • 1x video receiver for ground station monitor
    • 1x Cinemiser HDMI video goggles
    • 1x Polaron dual port battery charger
    • 1x eFuel 1200 watt power supply for charger
    • 1x Onyx 235 battery charger
    • 1x GoPro Hero 3+
    • Various and sundry wires, connectors, pieces, and parts

    I've flown this ship about 10 times. She flies perfect. Never crashed.

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