Dji Focus Thumbwheel on Movi m5? Possible?

Discussion in 'Follow Focus' started by Jonathan Björklund, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    Hello Freefly Forum!

    First time here so please be kind and link me to earlier threads with same topic if they exist - i couldn't find any my self.

    So im a proud owner of the MOVI M5 but lately ive been looking on upgrading it with an focus puller. After some severe research my conclusion is that the DJI Focus is a good fit for my budget and experience level. But in order to make it complete for my needs i need to add the external thumbwheel. The problem is though that i cant figure out if the thumbwheel works without the Dji Ronin. All the tutorials and guides show only how to plug the output cable directly in to the Ronin body. I have solved everything else with an d-tap to lipo cable, an extra rod mount, etc.

    In short: Is it possible to use the Dji Focus together with the thumbwheel on a MOVI M5?
    Links to the products:

    Thanks in advance / Jonathan

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