Disappointing and confusing M10 service experience

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    My MoVI M10 had a broken GPS unit so I sent it for service last October. (This was the second time it had just broken down and needed servicing) I was told by Freefly support before shipping out that my M10 maybe could be repaired with the checkup fee but this cannot be determined before Freefly receives my M10.

    I was fine with this and I replied "But if the cost is more than the checkup price, you are welcome to keep and/or trash it. And I understand this cannot be determined before the MoVI arrives to you."

    After the MoVI arrived at Freefly I got an email saying that:
    • As a standard procedure, we will provide an estimate after the evaluation, before we proceed with repairs. This will take us a couple of days to put together.

    • If you wish to bypass the estimate process, you can either pre-authorize a repair amount to not be exceeded without further approval, or just approve the repair.

      I expected to receive an email with the estimate soonish after that. Especially considering that I had pointed out in my earlier email that if the repair cost exceeds checkup price, I am not interested in having it repaired because it is just not worth it. Despite the fact that as an early adopter I had paid almost $15.000 for the MoVI with all the upgrades.

      Well to my surprise, two weeks later I got another email saying that the M10 had been repaired without any estimate and my approval and the price exceeded the checkup price with $234.

      I was quite stunned. Even more stunned I became when I quoted all above to Freefly support and the only reply I got was "We understand that. We just need 100% verification"

      No apology, no admitting they had acted against their own policy, nothing.

      And now according to their policy, Freefly will take possession of the repaired M10 that was repaired against my will and that I have paid $15.000 for and probably sell it as a refurbished unit.

      I certainly hope I am never forced to send my remaining M5 and M15 to be repaired.

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