Cinestar X8 set up for Freefly Movi M15 M10 M5 Microkopter FC Graupner MC-32

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    This is a ready to fly, heavyweight drone that is set for Freefly gimbals. I'm sure it can be set for any type of gimbal from DJI and many others. Flight controller is by Mikrokopter 2.5 with V3 navi and V3 power board. From my experience of flying DJI S1000+ with A2 vs Mikrokopter on Hexa than Octo and now X8... I would always trust Mikrokopter with my more expensive cameras and Gimbals. The gimbal that the drone was flown was Movi M5 but it can easily Cary M15. For the flight "Graupner MC-32 Pro" and it is the best radio I have used. The range and signal strength is very good. The radio comes with built-in Telemetry and works great with Mikrokopter FC.
    All of this is powered by either a signal battery or dual battery setup.
    Everything (except for drone) is packed into pelican case for easy and safe transportation.
    Cinestar X8
    Graupner MC-32 Pro
    Case for remote
    Case for Batteries
    2 Batteries
    Asking $3000 usd OBO.
    Location is Washington state.

    To see pictures follow this link.


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