Cinestar 8 w/ 3 axis gimbal for sale!

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    This is a RTF Freefly Cinestar 8 with 3 axis Gimbal, capable of flying larger cameras.
    It was used only a few times shooting films and tv shows. So it’s in amazing condition with only 15 hours of flight time. Though, every time I have flown it has performed flawlessly, because of all the fine tuning and modifications I have made to make it the perfect flying machine. I probably spent more time working on this Cinestar then actually flying it. I’ve had this drone for 2 years now and just recently upgraded to the Freefly Alta and looking to sell this Cinestar.

    It comes ready to fly out of the case and comes with many accessories! The copter all breaks down into one pelican case, which I have made just for this drone. The Transmitter is a Graupner mx-20. I’ve included 3 sets of Xoar Beechwood Props 14x6. Which one set is properly sanded, weighted, and perfectly balanced. It also comes with a downlink station already installed for video signal using a Passport 5.8 GHz Diversity Receiver. There is a supplement Lawmate 1.3GHz Transmitter and Receiver, in case the Passport system goes down. As well as, I’ve included a few extra motors in case one goes down. This copter is fully programmable from an Azus Laptop, which is included with all the previous setting still saved In MK Tools. I’ve taken lots of pictures of the drone in its final build stage, so it will be easy for you to assemble the first time. That’s the bulk of it, but I will include a detailed list below.

    Price for Package - $5,000.00

    Phone- 615-516-2602

    Package Includes:

    - Complete Cinestar 8 Frame
    - Freefly 3 Axis Gimbal
    - Pelican 1620 Case
    - Graupner MX-20 Radio Transmitter
    - 4 8000mAh Lipo Batteries
    - 3 1200 mAh Lipo Batteries
    - QuadroPower Motors QC-3328
    - 3 sets of Xoar Beechwood Props 14x6
    - MK GPS
    - Okto XL Power Distribution Board
    - Flight Ctrl- V2.1 ME
    - Lawmate 1.3 GHz Transmitter and Receiver
    - PassPort 5.8 GHz Diversity Receiver
    - Mondo Stinger 5.8 GHz Transmitter
    - Freefly HDMI Converter
    - 3 Sets of Various Vibration Dampeners
    - Movi Gimbal Leg Extension Kit
    - Asus Netbook with MikroKopter installed, and
    - All appropriate cables to connect to the Cinestar
    - Spare Graupner 2.4 GHz Receiver to bind to the Cinestar with the MX-20
    - Prop Balancing Stand
    - All appropriate tools needed to build the Cinestar

    Price for Package - $5,000.00

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