Anyone using the AltaX for Mapping?

Discussion in 'ALTA X' started by Robin JL Hartley, Feb 18, 2021.

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    Hey there,

    just reading through the forums and trying to find if there are any/many people using the AltaX for mapping/surveying operations?

    We're a forest research institute and have been researching UAV applications for forest environments for the past 6 years but need something larger and more "tweakable" than the DJI Matrice 600 units that we have been using for the past few years.

    We largely do lidar scanning, hyperspectral line scanning, photogrammetry and thermal captures (fire and pant research), so the AltaX looks great in terms of its payload and longer flight times.

    A few questions i had for other users:

    - What redundancies does the AltaX have, and do you feel comfortable flying this with expensive sensors (our most expensive is about $250K)
    - is anybody using a parachute system with the AltaX? if so any recommendations?
    - What is the stability and range of the video feed from the FPV camera?
    - Are people using digital FPV systems with the AltaX to get good FPV feed over distance? If so any suggestions? Are there any that integrate with a tablet, rather than goggles?
    - Are there limitations to the number of waypoints (as with DJI craft) it can fly in autonomous mode?
    - What flight planning apps are people using for mapping operations? We currently use UgCS, which we would be happy to continue with.

    and just generally any feedback on what the craft is like as a mapping/surveying platform.

    Thanks in advance,


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