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    In Europe, new laws for the use of drones are currently being created. The U-Space system has now been introduced. The U-Space system is an integration for drones in civil air traffic. Now we have seen that only drones with a ground station can be integrated. This is currently only DJI and Sensefly! It would be terrible for us to have to resort to these film drones for the professional sector. Does anyone know, or directly the guys from Freefly if such a ground station can also be retrofitted for the ALTA? It would be important that the flight data could then be sent to air traffic control via a mobile network. If this is not possible, freefly drones will no longer be able to fly in Europe if this U-Space is active. Here is the presentation of U-Space Europe:

    Explanation video:

    Thank you for your help and your opinion on this topi

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