Alta 6 - Skyview Landing Gear and Alta Case

Discussion in 'ALTA' started by Rick Gerard, May 16, 2018.

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    I am seriously thinking of buying the inverted landing gear with the slide out tray for ALTA 6. I think it is called Quick Swap Skyview Landing Gear.

    The Quick Swap Sled is available on the store but the link to the Quick Swap Landing Gear is broken and it doesn't show up in a product search. I'm pretty sure I want one. Is it available?

    Does anybody know if the improved landing gear will fit in the Alta 6 case? Can somebody measure theirs and let me know how high it is? The standard Alta 6 gear just barely fits in the case. I throw in a little bit of padding to keep it from scratching my Alta's arms.

    My concern is ending up with another piece of my Alta that won't fit in the case. A Battery Mount Quick Release came with my Alta 6 and I immediately removed the top handle from the Alta and installed the Male Toad in the Hole. I put the handle on the quick release as was shown in the instructions and started using it. It works great, but it doesn't fit in the case. It ends up in the back seat of my car. I almost forgot it the other day. I am probably going to make a custom handle for the battery mount so I can get everything back in the case.

    If the Quick Swap LG does not fit in the case I may do some more modifications on the original landing gear. I already offset the base by 1/8" by using longer screws and 4 spacers. I also replaced the foam tape with thinner tape so I could get my Tattu batteries mounted without taking skin off my fingers.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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