Alexa Mini - Long Lens - Adidas - Mars

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    We put this together for a presentation with ARRI in Amsterdam in September about our experience with the Alexa Mini.

    - First, test footage with a Canon 24-105, mostly at 105 on a rail bridge in the PNW. No follow focus at the time so we just had to move the camera in and out during the move to maintain focus. Hate that the EF mount on the camera doesn't have the port for the motors.

    - Second, more long lens and medium lens from an Adidas shoot. Super Speeds with WCU4 and 2 CForce Mini motors. The final spot is one of my favorites from the year.

    - Nat Geo footage from shooting MARS promos in Utah. Teamed up with Tim Sessler and Variable on this one. Spent many days out in the wild landscape and harsh conditions (hot, dusty, high wind, high altitude). A mix of wide, medium, and long lens.

    These were all flown on our custom Cinestars we've been using for years but we've since switched over to ALTA 8s. Really has been a great upgrade. Initially I was worried about the added weight over our old gear but the ALTA has proven to be much more manageable on set and able to carry the same payload or maybe more without any issue. Not to mention its so quiet.
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    Great footage - really like the MARS shots.
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    Those Mars shots are spectacular!

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