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    Figured its about time i actually write an introduction about myself and what I'm doing.
    I got into RC flying about 10 years ago with a nitro Goldburg Eaglet, I started flying multi rotors and FPV 2 years ago when I bought a Gaui 550X and through some FPV gear on it and began flying in a local park. It expanded rapidly to me making a true UAV Quad rotor for a DARPA contest that required a craft to fly 2.5 miles, observe an area for 4 hours, and then return. My Partner and I took 4th place overall from an international crowd with university backing, we had just us and my re-enlistment bonus :) From there I have gone on to take to our EOD R&D Department and I'm currently working with them to create a micro bird and large tool carrying bird for EOD applications. I guess i should also tell you I am an EOD, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Technician in the US Navy. That is my UAV side of things I'm doing.
    For film/photography side I've been shooting for as long as i could put a camera to my face. I love film/photography and I was thrilled when i saw about people putting cameras onto these birds and making incredible videos with them. I currently fly a custom 800mm Hex from Innov8tive Designs with a Cinestar 2-axis gimbal. I work with Director Scott Hansen, Digital Thunderdome studio, and will be working with Jimmy Olivero, Skycam USA, when i return from deployment in November. Working with these two I'll be trying to film as much as possible all around the Hampton Roads area, and hopefully expanding, using Scotts Blackmagic and Red cameras.
    Down the road I'm looking to expand in personnel, to be able to fly when i go on deployments, and craft as we only have one bird capable of carry the larger cameras. The first thing I'm doing as soon as i get back is upgrading my gimbal to brushless and making a handlebar type mount so i can use it on and off the bird. If anyone has an questions, comments, or suggestions I'll gladly take them, and thank you for taking to time to read this all.
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    Awesome! Another great and practical use for RC UAV's!! Great article this week in BC about a UAV that is being used for search and rescue in our mountainous areas! Love seeing this industry get some positive press for the positive lifesaving capabilities that a UAV can have.

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