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    1. Dominic Eder-Smigura
      Dominic Eder-Smigura
      Hey! I set my birth date to the wrong day. Could you please change it to the 28th instead of the 26th? Thank you and best regards! Dominic
    2. Beau Bivins
      Beau Bivins
      Hey Gary, quick question.. Have a m5 setup in MR form and when we boot it up not connected to our ALTA the toad in the hole connection spins rapidly like its getting a pan input from somewhere? Any idea why that would be? checked our remote mapping and it checks out.
    3. suresh anima
      suresh anima
      Hi, Our brand new M10 Suddenly Stop Stabilisation and One LED flashing continually.LiPo Battery was Charged Over night but Green LED didn't flash.Please confirm whether this battery is charged fully or not We have two batteries and both having same problem. Also please let us know whether this is a problem related to battery or M10.Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards

    4. Steve Upshaw
      Steve Upshaw
      Could you please allow me access to the conversation on rates to charge?
    5. peter Wilke
      peter Wilke
      Hello. do you have a moment to possibly help me with my Movi10? I just tried to upgrade the firmware and am now having an issue with powering up
    6. mike langford
      mike langford
      HI Gary,
      I have an M10 with me and an epic. i seem to be getting reasonable balance however when i turn the movi on the lights start up and the motors engage but immediately disengage and i get a blinking green light. i could really use some help.
    7. afontanelle
      Hey there Gary. I have a production starting soon on a rental and was hoping to find someone locally in Los Angeles to give a short tutorial and get us going on are way. Do you have any referrals?
      1. Michael Knowles
        Michael Knowles
        Hey, I'm looking for anyone in the Los Angeles area to test out a their Movi with the Atlas Camera Support. Would love to see how the two work together.
        Nov 20, 2013
    8. Giles Harvey
      Giles Harvey
      Gary I noticed you have seen my thread regard batteries. Is there anything I can do to check it is charging. It looks like it isn't and I will not have enough power to shoot tuesday and I doubt you can get me a replacement charger in time..... Any help would be much apreciated
    9. Oliver Cvetkovic
      Oliver Cvetkovic
      Hi Gary,
      Just one quick and simple question. Is it possible to use radians to control brushless gimbal instead of dedicated control board?
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