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Forensic Drone Analyst, Photo/VIdeographer

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Andy Johnson-Laird

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Mar 27, 2022
    1. Shadd Williams
      Shadd Williams

      Watching your video, trying to update our firmware. The problem is that the UPDATE FIRMWARE/TERMINAL window doesn't have all the choices on the bottom of the screen that yours does. All it has is the "DEBUG" button. HELP!!
    2. Sam Fleishman
      Sam Fleishman
      Kde tells me I have to have the bigger bullet connectors
    3. Sam Fleishman
      Sam Fleishman
      Hey Andy,
      Is there any reason to use bullet connectors larger than 3.5 on ESCs or motor wires? I'm talking about heavy lift applications. U7 size motors and 70+ amp escs. I ask because everyone uses ec5 connectors and those have 3.5 bullets. The new KDE motors and ESCs have 4mm and up bullets but is that necessary. The power hungry board only has 3.5mm bullets.
    4. Steve Upshaw
      Steve Upshaw
      Could I please be allowed access to the conversation on rates to charge? Thanks
    5. Wing Sheung Chow
      Wing Sheung Chow
      Hi Andy, Could you please recommend how to fit big motors like AXI 4120/20 to CS8? Appreciate your help and advice.

      Thanks a lot!
    6. James Okraku
      James Okraku
      Hi Andy,
      I recently found your discussion 'how to calculate rate for long form shoot'. I understand that I am
      late to the discussion, but could I get an invitation to the forum you were discussing pricing? It
      would be great to get further informed on the pricing matter and take in thoughts expressed.
    7. Diego Comendador
      Diego Comendador
      Hi Andy, i was looking for some info at the forum but i didn't found anything so this is why I'm writting you.
      I work with MOVI M10 and MOVI MR adapted to a non cinestar multi rotor. i would like to know how could i remote the trigger for a Canon 5D Mark III??? Which is the best option??

      Thank you very much!
    8. Matt Trub
      Matt Trub
      I have a Graupner MX 20 and getting an ERROR Receiver message. Have you run across this before?
    9. Jamie Merchant
      Jamie Merchant
      Hello Andy

      I was on a shoot the yesterday and our Movi M10 was acting completely fine. But when I got it out today, the Movi in majestic mode wont tilt to the minimum and maximum angles. I've looked in the configuration software in parameter adjustments and they are at the normal values (max is 90 degrees minimum is -125).

      So in essence it won't point far enough up or down.

    10. Stephan Christian
      Stephan Christian
      Hey Andy,

      I was wondering if you can add me to the price group that is private.

      Thanks and message me if you would like to talk further.
    11. John John Machado
      John John Machado
      Hey Andy how are you?

      One quick question. When you calibrate the sensors, do the LEDs on the power distribution board (or actually on the BL Ctls.) turn red for a second? Mine are constantly green on and red off, but when i calibrate, green stays on and red comes on for a second. Is that normal?

      Thank you!
    12. clubpenza
    13. Francisco Gutierrez
      Francisco Gutierrez
      I have a CineStar 8 and the radians doesn´t work i try to reset but isn´t respond with the computer
      should I need to shipping to you the 3 radians ?
      thank you in advance
      Francisco / México
    14. Francisco Gutierrez
    15. Oliver Volkmann
      Oliver Volkmann
      hi Andy, any chance for some help on the software for the radian stabilizer? I cannot seem to get it to install even after unzipping and restarting my computer. Thanks, Oliver
    16. Tom Ashlin
      Tom Ashlin
      Andy: Can you or someone you know tell me if it is possible to reprogram a DX6i throttle cut button to an alternate switch (on-off) as a throttle safety device? I would appreciate your assistance on this question. The manual does not say much at all about about this specific button. Thanks Tom A.
    17. Oliver Cvetkovic
      Oliver Cvetkovic
      Is it possible to use Radians for brushless gimbal control?
      1. Andy Johnson-Laird
        Andy Johnson-Laird
        Hi Oliver: I'm afraid not. The Radians are simply not designed for Brushless Motors.
        Jun 4, 2013
    18. Ivan Escasan
      Ivan Escasan
      Hello Andy how are you ?
      I bought the two DVD's the how to build the C8 and the MKTOOL.
      I have one question.. I am following the DVD to the letter and how to build the C8 but when you start
      to conect the receiver from the graupner , It gets confusing to me because I was on a budget and I got 2 DX8.
      Can you help me out on how to configure with a DX8 to the flight control 2.1 ?
      Thank you.
      Have a nice day .
      1. Andy Johnson-Laird
        Andy Johnson-Laird
        Hi Ivan:
        Sorry to take so long to respond. I don't check profile posts as there is so much traffic to deal with on the forums. I hope you posted your question on the main forum -- other forum members can respond if I don't!
        Jun 4, 2013
    19. Michael Brown
      Michael Brown
      Hey Andy,

      I just ordered your MK tools DVD cause your Cinestar build DVD saved me in so many ways during my build! But my DVD isn't here just yet I was wondering if you ever change the PID setting or touch the Gyro setting at all? I feel comfortable with the Radians but I am trying to get the actual top copter part to fly as smoothly as possible!

    20. Alex
      Hi Andy,
      Megan suggested I contact you.....
      I have a $10k machine I have to deliver to a customer this week, and have a set of three Radians stuck in Bootloader mode.
      Can you help??
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