Working on a mini Movi Controller

Discussion in 'MōVI Pro API' started by Daniel Voorhees, May 16, 2020.

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    I just graduated collage and ya boy broke! I own a movi and really wanted a movi Controller. The ps4 combo was great, but it felt really weird to hold the controller and also hold the focus knob.

    So I started taking apart the ps4 remote and trying to rewire that! Turns out, the ps4 remote is complicated and talking out solder connections is really hard.

    So then I moved on to the API! Turns out, that there are some amazing api examples and it really helped me learn the Arduino code! Long story short, I found the exact same hall effect joystick, yada yada yada, here I am.

    IMG_0831.jpg IMG_0832.jpg

    I'm working on a bunch of cool new things! there's going to be another analog joystick for zoom and iris, and what ever you want. As well as another knob for what ever you want! Im uploading the files to ThingiVerse If anyone wants to download the shell and give it a go. I also I have a version that uses the cheaper, craper larger joystick you can find on amazon or Ebay if you can't find the hall effect sensor.

    Im also working on wheels using magnetic Motor encoders, I should be done with that some time.. In the next few weeks? Idk, gada find a job now :/. Best of luck friends <3


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