Wookong Issue not arming motors?

Discussion in 'Cinestar 8' started by Bret Reyes, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Mar 10, 2014
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    Hey guys,

    I recently picked up a Cinestar 8, came in the mail yesterday morning and spent all day and all day today assembling it. So far, I have everything assembled (I think haha), everything plugged in except my FPV setup, which I'm still waiting on parts for. I wanted to try to arm the motors, I binded my DX8 with the AR8000 rx, all is well, and when I go for the CSC movement's nothing happened. I checked the connections of all of the servo wires into the Wookong and all of them have the light yellow signal wire on top, and everything is in correctly.

    A quick search yielded that there is potential that the DX8 might not be reaching 100% when making the CSC movements, but the monitor on the DX8 says that during CSC movements, all four of the movements, each time the stick is reaching 100%, which leads me to the next issue of whether or not these ESC's have to be calibrated and how I could go about doing that.

    I'm using Opto 30A Esc's on all 8, and quadrocopter QC-3328 motors. CS8 is powered by an 8000mAh 4s battery. I have a (DSMX?) AR8000 and DX8, which bind together fine, but nothing is arming at all. I'm familiar with DJI Naza, and this is my first Wookong system, and I've done everything I could think of. Please let me know guys where I can go from here, thank you.
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    The problem is the Wookong needs to be able to send the correct "signal" to the ESC's to get them to tun on and I had the same issue when I installed my Castle ESCs on my octo. The other time consuming issue is that since we are not using a unified Distribution board like the Mikrokopter we have 8 separate units to set. If you look up the setup for Wookong on the Opto it should yield a fair amount of people that have had the same issue. I know that when i found my answer it was originally written for a single rotor craft but it was something that I had to do 8 times. Although DJI & Castle told me that I only had to do it on one ESC it didn't work until I did it on all of mine.

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