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    Oct 30, 2016
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    our wireless follow focus situation is dire. . . . we need a replacement, and pretty close to just pulling trigger on Bartech Digital. Anyone feel like talking me out of this, for any reason? like maybe freefly coming out with an awesome, professional hand unit soon? gonna wait till tuesday, any response before then very appreciated!
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    Oct 5, 2015
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    I just bought a full FIZ kit Chrosziel Magnum with Heden Motors. I've used Preston, Arri and Cmotion.

    I have yet to experience any negatives from the Chrosziel Magnum system outside of the fact that there are not pre-printed rings with lens mapping.

    The Magnums hand controller is lightweight, reliable, fast and powerful.
    The receiver with the zoom module attached is a 3 motor MDR that fits next to every camera I've ever used inside of the cage with the pop and locks.

    Incredible system. Unlike its competitors it gives you real hard stops if you don't feel like digitally remapping the start and end points, dual band mhz & ghz and incredible support along with US servicing through radiant images in LA.

    Talk to Timm he's a great guy and can talk you through any questions you have.

    I don't work for chrosziel I just spent a lot of time researching wireless focus systems and this system is fantastic and compatible with all 7pin lemo Motors Heden, Preston, Redrock, Bentz and more.

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