What should i think of before buying an Alta?

Discussion in 'ALTA' started by Kasper Bröns, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Hi Guys!
    My name is Kasper and i work as a drone pilot on full time, I'm also one of the youngest pilots here in Sweden (21 years old) but I'm also one of the most experienced with 4 years in the business.
    I also own a production company( www.KbProductions.se ) but drone filming is my main income.

    Started with the first Phantom, then a Cinestar copy (which almost newer worked) between that some other models and now for the past 1,5 year a modified Dji s1000, and a inspire 1 (soon with the X5R Raw camera)

    I've been looking at bigger helicopters for the past year and have lots of clients asking to lift bigger cameras.

    I've now zeroed in on the Alta and decided that this is the heli and the brand i want to fly. I'm sick and tired of DJI and other brands.

    Do you have any tips before buying an Alta? I want the possibility to lift bigger cameras so I'm looking at the M15 gimbal with it, what do you think?

    Thanks in advance!
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    go for it :)

    i am in this business since more than 5 years, startet with mikrokopter, switched 2012 to dji wkm (updated later to ALU IMU) with cinestars and i teach at a design and film university with the inspire 1.
    all i can say about the dji products: they are amazing but NOT professional. There is no help at all. there is a new firmware every hour and the update process (especially inspire) is hell... (inspire, both TX, all batteries, camera).
    on the other hand the systems are closed and so perfect in stabilizaiton. with a MoVI you have the freedom to use nearly every camera/glass combination but you have to tune airframe and MoVI and learn about balancing everything.
    I had some serious problems with WKM in the years and never got any help. The ALTA is a dream come true for me. even if there are some things i don't like at the moment (only software) but i am sure freefly will listen to their users instead of dji wich is a consumer company. If you are a pro - work with pros :)

    If you think about a M15 please be sure, that you use cameras wich fit in weight to this gimbal. Using a GH4 with a M15 doesn't make sense because the camera is to light for it.
    If you use a M5 with GH4 you have flightimes about 20 minutes with the ALTA and you can use longer lenses. You are free to use a metabones speedbooster and adapt highclass lenses to the body.
    you can switch the M5 and the M15 to the top!!
    If you use the M10 you have the lightest gimbal on the market wich results in the highest possible flight time but you can't use it top mounted.

    The ALTA gives you a real manual mode with attitude leveling. So you can have the full power of the ALTA without the risk of flying loopings :)
    There is no cheap china stuff - the motors, ESC, flightcontroll, etc everything is freefly and tested like an aircraft :)

    GPS mode flying with the inspire is more fun - freefly implemented this mode as a crane mode. If you want to fly fast and hard, you have to use height or manual mode.
    there is NO waypoint, POI, etc flying and it is not planned to change this. For me this is not a problem cause i don't use this. POI would be cool but it doesn't make sense cause the ALTA cannot know where the camera is looking to.

    BIG: redundancy! motor, batterie, RX!
    it is possible, that you can't fly in higher risk areas (citys, people, etc) with a copter like the inspire in the near future.

    (sorry about my english :) )
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