What controller to go for Movi pro?

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    Hi I have a Movi Pro with a FS7 MK2 with Fujinon 18-55 or 50-135 t2.8 mounted with 3 x Chrosziel lDigital Motor CDM-100M and a Redrock Navigator for Single op.

    For dual op I Im wanting to upgrade with a controller - I have the bush pilot but it has limited control functionality.

    Freefly have a quite pricy pilot and redrock a similar almost 4 times cheaper and the its the Movi controler that has been around for a while. Any thoughts on pros and cons, quality etc?

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    Bush Pilot - all the time, Redrock Micro Satellite - single op must have, Futaba T10J SBUS. These are all I need 90% of the time. If I need a MoVI controller I rent. About 80% of my work is scripted and blocked so there is very little need to be running Iris and Focus at the same time. Almost all the car rig and Alta work is just the Bush Pilot for focus and the Futaba to point the camera. If I am using a long lens or the action is fast it is amazing how well the Mimic on Majestic will work with with a car rig and with the Alta. Chased some motorcycles the other day without any problem. My AC just held the Mimic in his hand and pointed it at the riders.
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