We’re going to use the API to create an object tracking prototype

Discussion in 'Movi Technical' started by jason warren, Feb 28, 2019.

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    Feb 28, 2019
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    Hi, first post. I just set up Movi, and...hmmm. Majestic, Echo, and A->B modes are not the magic I was expecting.

    This needs face, body, and general object tracking and the UI. It appears the hooks are available to build an app to do this, so some folks on my teams are going to take a crack at this as a prototype. I run a design/dev agency that does hard core firmware and app work for hardware and vehicle makers.

    If you’re an iOS developer and want to contribute, review PRs, or just lurk, DM me. I know the notes say that the Android sample app is more developed, but my Android colleagues are pretty busy, so...iOS first.

    In ff-api-ios/QX/QX.swift there’s class Control227 for manually setting pan, tilt, roll dynamic commands. These look like the vector to use for automated motion path control - though I can’t discern yet whether this class disables stabilization or not. If anyone has already validated whether stabilization works effectively while using Control227 to move the gimbals, please speak up!

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