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    I noticed a significant rise in the stock price of Amazon.com today (over 4% increase in today's trading). That's a serious one-day move, and I looked at the news articles trending in the Wall Street Journal and other publications.

    What's happening? Drones, baby. It seems to be all about the news that Amazon's gone to the FAA to get permission to test their drones outside of the six designated test areas in the USA. The now-infamous November 2013 "news" story from 60 minutes about the drone ambitions featured a video they made imagining how they might do this. And of note, the video had to be made in Canada (Vancouver, I think) because they would be technically violating FAA regulations even to make a fake video on US soil.

    The news stories indicate that their current machines (apparently being developed in-house by a well-funded technical staff) are capable of 50mph flight, among other things. This is bound to get more and more interesting as things unfold.

    Amazon seeks OK for testing of 50-mph drones (USA TODAY)
    Amazon lifts drone project to next level with 50mph prototype (The Times UK)
    Amazon Is Serious About Drones, Asks FAA For Permission ... (Forbes)

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