Vibration Dampeners for Cinestar

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    are standard O-rings available from multiple sources including:

    FYI - Some have experienced challenges in obtaining their O-rings for the anti-vibrations systems on Cinestar Multirotors in a timely manner from their typical Hobby or Aerial platform suppliers. Here is some information that may be useful......

    All O-ring dimensions are: 0.437 x 0.687 x 0.139 inches (equivalent to metric sizes from Asia)
    Black are Buna - N material (nitrile rubber) 2-205/N1470
    Red are Silicone softest 2-205/S70
    Blue are fluro-Silicone medium soft 2-205/SXX

    Some of the local industrial park suppliers include:
    Able, Sealsonline, HiTech, Parker, FluidSeal AB
    Other sources from Asia include: Alibaba (wholesale) and AliExpress (online retailer)

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