*Unused* Movi Pro Handheld Bundle + Jason Cases Hard Case + Extra Batteries

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    Aug 12, 2020
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    Hi Everyone,

    Long story short... I won the handheld bundle in a prize draw from Freefly themselves two years ago, and haven't once had the opportunity to use it. I set it up when I first received it, and bought the hard case and extra batteries for it, and since then it's just sat in the corner of my room feeling sorry for itself.

    I've always hoped that I would grow the business or find myself in a situation where I would be able to utilise the Movi, but sadly that hasn't happened. With the current situation of our planet, and as a result of a dry few months, it has meant that I've been kind of forced into the decision to sell it on to someone who will make great use of it.

    Here's my Ebay listing (I'd rather not sell it through Ebay, but it's easy to share the listing):


    As it states on the listing, I really don't want to ship it anywhere, and would prefer an in-person transaction (I've had huge headaches from a few different Ebay sales lately). So with that in mind, please do feel free to contact me and we can discuss logistics etc. I live in Dorset, UK.

    Have a great day.

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